Tuesday, April 14, 2009

matt hoskins,james russle, and ali

You guys are all busters just waiting for me, Prince, Micheal J, HOT CHIP, and MSTRKRFT to show you what real musak is all about. Ali Fazel is a really nice guy but tries too hard in front of people who aren't even listening to him about cool music. Matt, you need to fucking get a grip and call me and hang out like a normal person and get better material for your blog. James mOUther fucking Russel; I haven't really heard from you. I don't know how you be. CALL ME.


  1. Who introduced you and Matt to Hot Chip and MSTRKRFT?


  2. You're right. My material is really lagging lately. If i only had photos of me jacking off in the shower on facebook i'd be in better shape. Thanks for the inspiration.